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“Enki the boy kid held in his arms, the image of perfection was he. He slapped the new child on his hindparts; the newborn uttered proper sounds. He handed the newborn to Ninmah. ‘My fingers have manufactured it!

We have been a germ which was planted inside the soil of some minds back again in the early ‘80s and germinated in many of us inside the later on decades of that decade. The thought didn't occur from any of us, but instead from one among ‘them.’ From Those people small beginnings, we are now however a small group (50+) but we are independent of any organized worldview and Management, and we've been structured for a cooperative that operates by consensus of all its users.

Michael will now share some own correspondence between this group which was spoken of throughout UFO Hunters, and himself. I'll current it in Michaels individual words and phrases (on account of that his Tale was given to me by using email, where by many of us often don’t trouble with spell and grammar check, I've adjusted this on some situations in Michael’s correspondence for the reader’s advantage.

Many of the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru. Some who remained on Earth and also the hybrids as a result of whom they still rule give all factions and nations credit rating and arms and engineer wars among the them. The elite operate competing religions which Every say they’ll bring back again the Anunnaki god of their faith and defeat gods and followers of other faiths.

Michael says that when there have been indications the ETs have been of your Anunnaki, he observed it strange, but However, he didn’t understand what or who they were.

The Earthlings worked the African mines and submersible cargo boats that, in only 10 times, brought the gold from the mines to Undesirable-Tibira in Sumer to smelt, refine and variety into moveable ingots for transshipment to Mars. “The vital gold to Nibiru was coming; steadily. Nibiru’s atmosphere was slowly therapeutic.”[

” then sent chariots soon after them. Enlil, whose astronomical pcs showed him specifically how the Purple Sea drained and refilled as Nibiru now neared Earth, guided the Israelite exodus.

imagine! He suggests he had a meeting with associates from the “Ruling Loved ones” in the Anunnaki to discuss a “modify in Anunnaki leadership”, and what another step will probably be for humankind as we go from the Age sites of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

Several of the Earthling miners in South Africa–following one hundred,000 many years of toil to get what seemed builders choice anchorage an unimportant material, gold–revolted, Many others held digging. Nibirans Permit many Earthlings “

Enlil designed a tremendous temple for Solomon in Jerusalem, subsequent the identical design with the landing platform there that he’d useful for the landing planform at Baalbek, Lebanon.

A moat surrounded Pumapunku and linked to a canal procedure that ran to lake Titicaca, fifteen miles absent as a result of level floor. Upheavals, probably from precisely the same disturbances that prompted the destruction of the Nile area that Moses, whom Enlil forewarned, from the nearing of Nibiru or its lagrange points in 1450 BCE, ruined the large landing System and scattered its H-formed four hundred-ton twelve by 10 by two foot thick pink sandstone blocks that Adad had quarried ten miles from Pumapunku.

Monks inspired blood sacrifice, ostensibly to carry back the gods, but then to execute prisoners and Manage folks. Kings and Monks saved blood sacrifice–at first Those people of rulers, then of enemy rulers, then any person they essential to regulate.

Gilgamesh’s relationship with Inanna excited him but remaining him unhappy. He had to move the once-a-year life-jeopardy tantra test of seed-withholding. On a yearly basis, inside of a ritual for which priests groomed and scented him, Gilgamesh penetrated Inanna fifty periods as she, suspended on ropes, decreased her vagina onto his penis when he managed his erection but didn't ejaculate.

Effectively inside, Michael noticed it had been a round composition with a beautiful mattress in the middle, with stunning builders beams fabrics, making up The full interior. For a few cause, the moment he received inside of, Michael uncovered it extremely disorienting, and often he couldn’t locate the door back out.

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